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Embryo Stage:  1  Blastocyst created in 2013
Number of Embryos: 1 Blastocyst embryos

  Recruited Anonymous Female Egg Donor

 Male Donor

Race:  Caucasian Race:  Caucasian
Height: 5’7″ Height:”
Weight: 150 Weight: 145
Eye Color: Brown Eye Color:Hazel
Hair Color: Brown Hair:  Brown
Complexion: Light Complexion: Olive
 Blood Type: O+

Education: Political Science and Communications

Surgical technology and EMS, EMT

Education: Some College


Blood Type: O+

Age at Embryo Creation:  31 Age at Embryo Creation:  45
Donating Parents:Live birth single Intrauterine pregnancy: Male 10/2013

1st donor embryo recipient: LB female 2018

2nd donor embryo recipient:  negative



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