Building families through donated embryos

Program Fees

BLOOD WORK for infectious disease screening                   $1600.00*

PROGRAM FEE                                                                     $1,625.00*

ONE TIME TOTAL PAYMENT OF                                      $3225.00

PACKAGE PRICE for each FET attempt                                 $3900.00


(The recipient couple will be responsible for any additional pre-cycle and cycle screening or consults recommended by the physician.)

* The program fee and FDA infectious disease screening for the Donors noted above are one time fees for each set of embryos selected.  If the embryos were created prior to May 25, 2005 then you will not be responsible for the Blood Work FDA screening fee of $1600.00.

The package price for a frozen embryo transfer, for patients without an infertility insurance benefit, is $3,900.  The package includes all office visits, ultrasounds, and lab work (including pregnancy tests) related to the embryo transfer, IVF lab fees, and program facility fees.  This package price is paid for each frozen embryo transfer attempt.

There will be additional costs for the medications required for the Frozen Embryo Transfer cycle.  Medication costs typically average $750 to $1,000, but these costs vary based upon the pricing of drugs at different pharmacies and the amount of medication required in an individual cycle.

Payment is due at the Start Cycle visit on cycle day 1 – 5.  This visit is the very first ultrasound and office visit.  It is the time for receiving consents and reviewing additional paperwork with the staff.  Midwest Fertility Specialists accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express, as well as cash or personal checks.  You may return the embryos for a full refund within 90 days.  After 90 days there will be no refund if the embryos are returned.

In the event that the embryos do not survive the thaw and the cycle is cancelled prior to transfer, the patient is responsible only for charges incurred up to that point, including the charge for the biologists to thaw the embryos. You are guaranteed an embryo transfer of one quality embryo.  If there is not a viable embryo to transfer,  you are guaranteed one additional set of embryos and transfer attempt.